Application technology of food metal detector needs to be innovated

- Jan 14, 2020-

Application technology of food metal detector needs to be innovated

During the development of food metal detector in the past decade, it has gradually developed from analog machine to intelligent machine, from single frequency to multi frequency in function, from no phase to phase adjustment in equipment technical configuration, which has partially improved the adaptability of product range, and these performance improvements have been well adapted to the development of market, but compared with foreign brand metal The gap between us is still large, and we need to continue to improve in technology.


The high-speed development of intelligence needs further optimization of metal detection technology and performance. In addition to the original metal detection and alarm functions, automatic rejection function, we also need metal detection data storage, USB export function, and later product detection data analysis function, chart function. The application of these functions can be better integrated into the user's Enterprise quality control system can improve the cost and efficiency of enterprise management more effectively.

In order to prevent non equipment operators from using the product, the current setting of the metal detector is only the digital password, which is generally easy to be found, and the confidentiality and prevention and control are not very strong. Therefore, the authentication technology also needs to be improved and strengthened constantly. Fingerprint, face, etc. can be used to represent the latest biometric technology to replace the original digital password, which can effectively improve Confidentiality of equipment use.

At present, the most commonly used metal detector is single working frequency and double frequency. In order to truly set the broadband rate, further research and development is needed. Foreign large brand equipment has produced such equipment, because the working frequency range is relatively wide, which can be more suitable for the detection of different materials. No matter the materials with different characteristics and forms, they can be found in the broadband range Appropriate frequency, and achieve the best detection effect.

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