Application of X-ray foreign body detector in food and security inspection industry

- Aug 26, 2020-

Now the living standard is getting better and better, but food safety is really worrying. There will be a variety of food safety risks in many food products, but these can be avoided. Now in order to ensure the qualified circulation of food to the market, there are food safety inspectors to detect food safety. When these inspectors detect some food, they will use food X-ray machine 。 In the process of producing and testing products, in order to meet the relevant requirements of the state for food and improve the quality of food, food X-ray machine has been applied. It has a new multi perspective detection technology, which can detect food safety more conveniently and accurately.

We know that food X-ray machine can make use of the penetration ability of X-ray, which can easily detect foreign matters in food, so as to improve the quality of food. The general meat products, aquatic products, fruits and vegetables, additives, milk powder, chocolate snacks and other food in the packaging will inevitably miss and pay no attention to, at this time will miss some similar metal, glass, ceramics, stone, bone, plastic and other foreign matters in the food, these are difficult to identify by manual, especially after packaging No, at this time we need to use food X-ray machine to detect, it can detect foreign matter through X-ray. It can also detect packaging cracks, bubbles, packaging defects and so on, which plays a very important role in food safety detection.


Therefore, food X-ray machine can be widely used in the food industry, its biggest role is to ensure that qualified food in the market circulation, eliminate some unqualified food, to ensure people's life safety.

In the development of science and technology, many detection equipment are used more and more. In public places, X-ray foreign body detector is widely used in security inspection, in order to protect the safety of people's travel and play, but also eliminate the security risks in public places.

We know that X-ray foreign body detector is also called X-ray foreign body detector or X-ray foreign body detector. It generates X-ray through the equipment and uses the penetration ability of X-ray to detect metal foreign matters mixed in products and non-metallic foreign matters with high density. X-ray foreign body detection equipment is through the X-ray principle, in any link of the production line can play a high detection performance. It can detect foreign matters such as metal, bone, shell, plastic, hard rubber, stone, as well as product defects and weight problems.

It is specially designed for tourist attractions, sports and cultural places, conference center, Expo Center, luggage storage, shopping malls, hotels and other important places. It is used in public security, court, procuratorate, prison, detention center, station, airport, wharf and other places.

In the security inspection process, can detect bottled goods, knife control supplies, guns and ammunition and other dangerous goods, it can shoot out the appearance of the goods through X-ray, so as to know the general goods without opening the bags.

X-ray foreign body detector is widely used in security inspection, so its market demand is also very large, and it is used in large public places.

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