Application of Metal Detector Testing Machine in Dairy Industry

- May 30, 2019-

Like many foods, dairy products that we often eat in our daily life are also food safety problems. In the production process of dairy products, even in the uniform production line, the types of products and packaging materials are different. In order to solve this problem successfully, the corresponding metal detectors came into being, to solve the practical problems in the production process for our dairy production enterprises.


Our practical metal detectors in dairy industry are different from other detectors. These metal detectors include an independent special metal detectors and a metal detection system with dual detectors. The dual detectors can be used to change the detectors according to whether the product is plastic film or metal thin packaging. This method can detect different products. The conversion speed is improved, and the efficiency of production detection is also improved. Many dairy producers in our country are using this new type of high-efficiency detector, such as Yili, a famous domestic milk producer, and Mengniu from Inner Mongolia grassland and so on. In the process of production, with the application of double detection head system, the production efficiency of our enterprise has been greatly improved, while ensuring our food safety to the greatest extent. There are also some enterprises producing yoghurt, cottage cheese and dairy dessert. In order to improve the competitiveness of enterprises, they have improved their own production technology and modified their production lines, and installed metal detectors to further improve their own production capacity.

With the successful use of metal detectors in dairy industry, SUZHOU AOTENG detectors will be widely used in all our food production units to improve production efficiency and ensure our food safety.