Application of Metal Detector in Sanitary Goods Industry

- Jun 06, 2019-

In the current situation of economic development and international trade, people are increasingly demanding the quality of products, so the use of metal detectors is also very extensive. Today, I want you to know about the application of metal detectors in the health industry:


First of all, let's know what products are mainly involved in the health industry. Women's comrades use sanitary napkins, sanitary pads, hygienic suppositories, diapers for children, diapers, diapers, diapers, and other disposable sanitary products such as paper towels, sanitary cotton, cosmetic cotton, gloves, masks, paper catering utensils, condoms and so on. As we all know, hygienic products are basically in close contact with the human body, so health and safety is very important, but in the production process, both human and non-human factors will cause hygienic products to be polluted, especially metal foreign body pollution. Let's think, if there is a broken needle, the wire accidentally falls into diapers or diapers, how harmful is the use of children? In the past, there were often reports of metal foreign bodies injuring the human body, so we must pay attention to it. Of course, the requirements of the national product standards for the industry have also been raised. Enterprises will be extra careful for the establishment of their brands. Using metal detectors to prevent and control the quality of products has become a necessary technological means.

Suzhou Otten Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional metal detector manufacturer, metal detector manufacturer, metal security gate manufacturer. After years of research and development, the precipitation of production and sales services, as well as years of market and customer inspection and reputation, it has become the industry leader. Otten brand metal detector is suitable for the industry. The on-line detection of sanitary products and paper industry can be configured with on-line metal detectors according to the actual needs of customers. Independent integrated metal detectors can also be combined with production lines. The magnetic and non-magnetic metal impurities such as iron, stainless steel and copper missing from raw materials, semi-finished products, finished products and packaging can be detected to prevent metal impurities from mixing in the production process. In products, it may lead to equipment damage, consumer complaints, brand image damage and other consequences, thus causing inestimable business risks to enterprises.

Otten Metal Detector has conquered the market of many sanitary products with its excellent performance and perfect service. Its accurate and fast detection sensitivity has been praised by the vast number of users. It has also established a good reputation in the industry. We also hope that more customers will join us to create a harmonious, safe and healthy product environment. Finally, we welcome you all. Come and choose.