Application Field of Portable Chemical Toxicity Detector

- Jul 03, 2019-

Aoteng's new portable chemical poison detector has been developed and produced for some time. It has been known that this instrument is used to detect chemical poisons, chemical warfare agents and poisonous gases. What are the application fields of this instrument?


1. Security Inspection

Airports, railway stations, subway stations, stations, ports, customs and high-speed intersections for air or suspected toxic gases security work.

2. Anti-terrorism by Military and Police Forces

Maybe we've all seen the movies of "Biochemical Crisis" Series in the United States. The war of poisons/poisonous gases, chemical warfare agents/biological weapons used in war are terrible. Once people are exposed to poisons, serious allergies, dyspnea, asphyxia, vomiting, chest tightness, eye pain, tears, spraying, etc. Sneeze and so on. Portable chemical poison detector absorbs and detects suspicious poisons. It can quickly detect the kinds and names of unknown poisons.

3. Fire Special Police

When on duty, firefighters often have fires accompanied by smoke, the air is very chaotic, sometimes accompanied by unknown poisonous gas, firefighters or wounded people sometimes do not know the situation, breathe poisonous gas, causing adverse reactions. If the poisonous gas can be found by portable chemical poison detector, check and eliminate the source of poisonous gas radiation.

4. Large-scale security

Large-scale activities/events such as the Olympic Games, Asian Games, World Cup, etc., or large-scale events such as the meeting of national leaders, equipped with portable chemical poison detector to deal with some emergencies, mainly in the form of gaseous substance analysis and security inspection.

5. Environmental Monitoring

Some factories, as well as air haze, often need a kind of instrument to monitor. Air environment monitoring and pollution source monitoring often need portable chemical poison detector to detect.