Application and market analysis of gravity falling metal separator

- May 12, 2020-

For powder and granular products, the most commonly used way of metal detection is gravity drop type. Bulk products come out of the output of the production line, and then seamlessly butt joint with the feed port of the metal separator, and fall freely by gravity. Metal detection is carried out through the metal detection channel. If metal foreign objects are detected, the equipment will give an alarm and the metal separation device will not Qualified products are excluded.

Suzhou aoteng Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and production of metal inspection machines. It is a professional metal inspection machine manufacturer and metal security door manufacturer. The gravity falling metal separator equipment we developed adopts the latest metal detection technology in Germany, equipped with high-speed digital processor, photoelectric sensor, anti-interference device, and intelligent microcomputer LCD touch Screen operating software system, etc., to provide users with very high sensitivity and detection stability. Because of its excellent detection performance, efficient rejection system and new technology of optimizing performance test, it can provide users with more effective operation efficiency, realize the maximization of enterprise management profit and meet the industry standards and regulations at home and abroad.

For this type of metal separator, there are the following types on the market:

AT2005B-70 _副本

1. Economic type: single frequency metal detection equipment without operation interface, simple equipment performance configuration, no phase adjustment function, no operation interface, sensitivity adjustment needs to open the control box and then manually adjust, the operation is cumbersome, the sensitivity and stability are low, product detection is only suitable for product detection without product effect;

2. Basic model: with film key operation interface, but without phase adjustment function, compared with the first early product, the system configuration and operation function have been greatly improved, and the sensitivity and stability are also better;

3. Intelligent type: all functions of metal detector are basically configured in domestic independent research and development, such as the latest detection technology, LCD touch screen control system, automatic phase adjustment technology, the latest metal separation technology, etc., with higher metal detection sensitivity and better stability;

4. Import funds: there are many kinds of imported brands sold in China, and the same brand has different configuration funds. However, due to the manufacturing process and brand reputation value of foreign imported brands, the price is relatively high;

After years of efforts and market application, the equipment process manufacturing quality and technical support produced by Suzhou aoteng Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. has been affirmed and praised by many users. We can customize different pipe sizes to meet the actual personalized needs of customers, so as to help enterprises improve production capacity, reduce operation costs, and obtain better benefits and products Word of mouth. Choose the products of Suzhou aoteng electronics, you can use them safely and comfortably.