AOTENG was awarded the top ten brands of China's security inspection and explosion disposal category.

- Jul 02, 2019-

On April 22, 2019, at 9 a.m., the 4th China (Hefei) Special Equipment Industry Development Summit Forum and Technology Products Exhibition on the theme of "New Intelligence, New Pattern and New Future" and the 5th "Ten Special Equipment Brands" Award Ceremony in 2018 were grandly held in Buckingham Grand Hotel, Hefei.


This time, AOTENG Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. of Suzhou was awarded the top ten brands of security inspection and explosion disposal. It mainly involves the research and development and application of security inspection equipment, metal detection equipment, intelligent transportation and the implementation of safe and intelligent city equipment in operation. The products that have been developed include x-ray baggage scanner security inspection machine,walk through metal detector security door, metal detector, hand-held metal detector, dangerous liquid security detector, drug detector, explosive detector, explosion-proof equipment, car bottom safety inspection system, explosion-proof tank, explosion-proof blanket, explosion-proof barrel, security inspection card comparison passenger aircraft, etc. With strong financial strength and strong R&D capabilities, the company has made the "AOTENG" brand enjoy high honor in the field of world security and explosion protection.

The summit was carefully planned and built by the Special Equipment Network, bringing together more than 400 guests from core brand enterprises, industry elites and top experts from all over the country to attend the event. At the same time, the "Technology Products Exhibition" held at the same time attracted a large number of end users and purchasing units from all over the country to visit exhibitions, study and exchange, and negotiate cooperation.


At the opening ceremony, the chairman of the National Police Equipment Standardization Technical Committee, the founder of the Special Equipment Network and the China Special Equipment Industry Development Summit Forum, Yuan Xinfeng, delivered welcoming speeches. The leaders of the speeches were Tao Junsheng, Liu Xiaochuan, Yao Yamei and Chen Ruiding. After the opening ceremony, Tao Junsheng and Jin Xiufeng delivered keynote speeches entitled "Reflections on the work of anti-UAV" and "AI+Big Data Age, Opportunities and Challenges for the Development of Big Security Industry".

The Summit also solemnly hosted the "Brilliant Jianghuai Thank you Dinner" large-scale literary and artistic performance and the "Beijing Jinwu Cup" fifth award ceremony of "Top Ten Special Equipment Brands" in 2018, and awarded awards for selected enterprises on the spot.