Aoteng Safety Explains Key Points of Maintenance and Maintenance of Walk Through Safety Gate for You

- Aug 16, 2019-

We are familiar with the walk through metal detector security gate, which is a common inspection facility. It is widely used in aviation, subway, station and other fields. The minor edition of Aoteng will introduce the key points of daily maintenance and maintenance of archway metal detector security gates to you.


The main points of maintenance and repair of arched metal detector are described in detail.

1. The stain on the door surface can be wiped with a wet cloth.

2. Oil stains and more difficult to clean stains can be wiped with Tianna water, alcohol, wiper water.

3. Shut down more than 2 hours a day to prevent overheating of long-term components and reduce performance.

4. Except for rain-proof door frame security gates, other types of walk through security gates should not be rained, and canopy must be added to open-air use.

5. No large metal objects, such as large iron doors, elevators and pillars, can be found within 1 metre of the security gate.

6. Installation of security gates must be fixed and reliable, so as to avoid the door shaking caused by strong wind or collision.

7. Keep away from objects that generate magnetic fields, such as distribution boxes, motor equipment, etc.

These are the overview of the main points of the maintenance of security gates. The editor hopes that you can better apply them in practice after you understand them. At the same time, we hope that you can correctly use the security gates.