Aoteng Brand Metal Detector won the title of Pioneer of Honesty and Credit

- Aug 08, 2019-

Suzhou Aoteng Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. passed the Alibaba Deep Certification successfully, and was awarded the honorary title of "Honesty Pioneer", becoming the first batch of high quality suppliers to receive the Alibaba Deep Certification.

After rigorous online auditing, in December 2010, the experts designated by Alibaba from France (ACP) International Inspection Group Certification Services Department came to Aoteng Electronics to conduct on-site audits of Aoteng Electronics'production and trading capabilities. Aoteng Electronics attaches great importance to it. The president's office, quality, procurement, marketing, production, human resources and other departments actively cooperate with the audit work, and successfully completed the audit tasks on that day.


Aoteng Electronics has won the honorary title of "Integrity Pioneer" awarded by Alibaba after it passed the deep certification of ACP Company. As for honesty, Aoteng Electronics has its own unique understanding and interpretation, "honesty starts from the truth, honesty starts from punctuality, and abiding by contracts is honesty". Aoteng Electronics emphasizes that the purpose of network propaganda is: in the virtual world, to carry out the real to the end. Aoteng Electronics insists on the authenticity of all information on the Internet, including all photo cases, photos, videos and figures.

Through the French (ACP) in-depth certification, it is a high affirmation of the excellent quality of Aoteng electronic security products. It will enable customers at home and abroad to understand Aoteng electronics more comprehensively and our concept, so that the cooperation between the two sides is based on more trust.

Peng General Manager, a legal person of the company, said, "Aoteng Metal Detector, as a leading product in China's famous brand and metal detection industry, represents the image of the entire metal detection industry, represents the image of Suzhou, the image of China when the products go abroad." As an export-oriented enterprise, Aoteng Electronics strives to lead the industry to a more honest, standardized and international direction, providing customers with the best quality products and services.