Anti-Terrorism Fight in Xinjiang Exhibition and the Sacher County Public Security Bureau's Aili Xihu Sub-bureau

- Jun 20, 2018-

In the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region Public Security Department's "Anti-Terrorism Fight in Xinjiang Exhibition" and the Sacher County Public Security Bureau's Aili Xihu Sub-bureau, the anti-terrorism stability and strenuous efforts to achieve results, a picture, a piece of material, a group of data, recorded the terrorists The sinister crimes of innocent people have shown the effectiveness of Xinjiang’s public security organs in cracking down on violence and terror and maintaining social stability. Zhao Kezhi carefully listened to the introduction and stopped to look at it from time to time. He said that it is necessary to fully recognize the evil nature of violence and anti-humanism, anti-society, and anti-civilization, continue to deepen the work of “depolarization”, and vigorously crack down on violent terrorist activities in accordance with the law, and resolutely safeguard social stability and ethnic groups. People's lives and property safety. Zhao Kezhi also went to the village of Yukkar Khayyazik in the town of Nazar Bagh in Kashgar to learn more about the work of “visiting and gathering together” and “getting four together and sending four”. He hoped that the grassroots cadres and police officers would carry out the nation’s development. Solidarity and friendship activities, brave to speak up on religious extreme ideas, educate and guide the people of all ethnic groups to firmly establish the “three inseparables” ideology, so that the people of all ethnic groups hold together like pomegranate seeds, and continue to consolidate the social stability and long-term stability of the masses The foundation builds a stronghold of the anti-terrorist struggle of all ethnic groups.


The 14th Division of the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps is located in the Hetian area of Xinjiang and bears the glorious mission of maintaining and promoting the stable development of South Xinjiang. In the 14th Division of the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, Zhao Kezhi listened carefully to the introduction of the work of the Corps and hoped that the Corps would thoroughly implement the Party Central Committee's strategy for the administration of the country with the core of Comrade Xi Jinping and the requirements for positioning the XPCC. To promote the development of BINGTUAN to the south, we will focus on enhancing the stability of the team and maintaining the ability to maintain the stability of Xinjiang.


In the long-term struggle against terrorism and anti-separatism, in the severe test of life and death, blood and fire, the majority of the public security police in Xinjiang have no turning back and sacrificed their lives. In the past 20 years, more than 400 public security police have made public sacrifices. A large number of hero models emerged. In Shiche County of Kashgar Prefecture, Zhao Kezhi made a special trip to the Revolutionary Martyrs and the home of Comrade Tuxi Hotk, the police officer of the original Sheche County Public Security Bureau. He visited the family of Comrade Tassie Hotk, and took care of the family members of the martyrs. life. In the city of Kashgar, Zhao Kezhi presided over a symposium on the representative of the public security model in Kashgar. He carefully listened to Elishati Usman, the squadron commander of the Special Brigade Special Police Brigade of the Kashgar Regional Public Security Bureau, Ding Fagen, the director of the Maryang Police Station of the Tashkurgan Tajik Autonomous County Public Security Bureau, and the Dickiner Avatar Bakker of the Bandir Police Station. The eight speakers gave a detailed explanation of their work life and achievements. Zhao Kezhi sensibly said that you have made indelible contributions to safeguarding social stability, enhancing national unity, and consolidating border defense in the motherland, and set an exemplary example for the police and police across the country and across the country. You are worthy of the loyal guardians of the party and the people. They are worthy of the good sons of the people of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang. The party and the people thank you, and the party committees thank you! I hope that everyone will thoroughly study the spirit of the party's Nineteenth Congress, resolutely implement the Party's strategy for ruling the country, pass on the fine work style, carry forward the spirit of struggle, play an exemplary role, do a good job of all tasks, and work hard to make new contributions to the party and the people. He demanded that publicity and recognition of the public security model should be vigorously promoted, and a strong atmosphere of learning heroic models and striving for the heroic model should be raised in the police to further promote the main melody, stimulate positive energy and boost vitality. Care should be given to caring for the public security model, giving priority to promotion, merit awards, promotion, etc., and actively assist the public security model to solve specific difficulties in life.

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