Analysis of the Advantage of full height gates

- Sep 10, 2019-

Most of the gates we see are three-roll gates, wing gates, swing gates and so on. full height gates, this kind of gate, I think many friends do not know very clearly. After all, this kind of gate is generally used in places where safety measures are strictly required. For example, high-tech factories, military areas, banks and so on. So, these places use the advantages of all-high switching to analyze, let's look at the specific introduction today.


Analysis of the advantages of full-height gate:

full height gate is suitable for strict control zone, which can effectively prevent climbing and drilling. When passing through the switch, the switch controlled by the administrative authority can refuse the entry of the person without authority. If passing through the permission, the switch will be released automatically. The speed is about 30-40 people per minute.

The blocking body (gate pole) of full-height switching gate usually consists of three or four metal poles which are parallel to the horizontal plane and are in the shape of "Ya" (aka three-pole switching) or "Ten" (aka cross or cross switching). The hollow closed stainless steel pipe is usually used to consolidate and not easily deformed, and the blocking and releasing are completed by rotation.

The main habitual places for all-high switching gates include prisons, banks in military management zones, and factories with very strict income and expenditure management (such as chemical plants, construction sites, etc.). The mechanical part of the equipment includes an urgent control device. When the power is cut off, the base arm can rotate freely to ensure the smooth passage. It meets the requirements of fire fighting and actively latches when the power is turned on.

It can be used in all construction environments, and can handle all the operation questions of pedestrian revenue and expenditure passage. It can control whether the gate is locked or unlocked at any time. It has up to 20 signal interfaces, which facilitates users to expand their functions.


full height gate types:

According to the direction of traffic can be divided into: one-way full height switching gate, two-way full height switching gate

According to the mode of passage, it can be divided into electric full-height switching and manual full-height switching.

According to the style, it can be divided into: double-channel full-height switching and single-channel full-height switching.

According to the mode of passage, it can be divided into mechanical electric full-height switch, semi-automatic full-height switch and automatic full-height switch.

According to the braking mode, it can be divided into semi-automatic braking full-high switching and full-automatic braking full-high switching (this type belongs to the type of high-grade brake, the mainstream abroad).