Airport Security Inspection Enters a New Era and Security Inspection Equipment Continuously Upgraded

- Apr 10, 2019-

A New Controversial Security Inspection-Nude Scanner (Whole Body Scanner)

"Naked" scanner is a new generation of security products, it uses X-ray technology, can clearly see the body of the subject, including private parts, and can "see through" the hidden objects or powder explosives of passengers'body at a glance. It is popularly known as "naked scanner". The security inspection department considers it a "good helper", which can not only improve the safety factor, but also speed up the security inspection. At present, the United States, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and other countries have begun to implement "naked" security. But because of its sensitivity, privacy and other issues, "naked" security is also controversial.


Explosives/Drug Detection Equipment

In a sense, explosive/drug detection equipment is a great revolution in the field of detection. Drug Explosive Detector can detect whether there are explosives, drugs and other prohibited chemicals in the object without opening the outer package of the detection object. Drug explosive detectors can generally be divided into short-range drug explosive detectors and hand-held long-range drug explosive detectors. Close-range drug explosive detection uses "ion migration spectroscopy" to identify various substances, while hand-held long-range drug explosive detector detects each substance according to its unique molecular structure vibration spectrum. The instrument is directly linked to the molecular structure vibration spectrum, so as to achieve fingerprint authentication of substances. The detector can detect the related substances effectively in a relatively short time, and is not affected by any obstacles, such as liquids, metals, buildings, etc., nor by weather or adverse environmental impact.

At present, explosive/drug detection equipment can better detect dangerous goods on passengers, but because of its high cost, and similar detection equipment in the world is not perfect, leading to low Airport popularity.


Heart Reader + Nude Scanner

Concealed appearance and various forms are the development trend of dangerous goods in the world, which greatly increases the difficulty of security inspection. At present, "naked" scanner is a better airport security equipment. Because it involves privacy, it also falls into the "embarrassing" situation again and again. Therefore, dealing with the relationship between privacy and "naked" security inspection is the key to the successful implementation of "naked".

At present, Israeli researchers are developing a high-tech and behavioral psychological analysis as one of the security system "heart reader". The system is called "WeCU", which means "we're staring at you." The design principle is that people respond "very" when they suddenly see familiar images in a strange place.  These reactions may include eye gaze, accelerated heartbeat, shortness of breath, elevated body temperature and tense convulsions. According to the above principle, the airport can arrange to display some images associated with a terrorist organization or only those recognized by terrorists, and then monitor the data by hiding cameras and sensors. The security system will alarm any passengers who have abnormal physical reactions. The passenger will undergo further inspection by security officers.

This technology is expected to solve the problem of "naked" scanning, security experts said, "heart reader" is expected to be widely used in the near future * X-ray equipment and metal detectors. Airport security departments use "heart reader". Once "heart reader" detects some "unusual" reactions of passengers, it can use "naked" scanner for further inspection on this basis. The perfect combination of the two devices can detect terrorists and dangerous goods, and avoid the "embarrassment" brought by privacy. This is an effective new security measure.