AI security instrument released Intelligent security era will come

- May 09, 2018-

Summary of contents: China Aerospace Science and Industry 35 Institute released the new AI human security instrument, and announced that the performance index of this security instrument equipped with an artificial intelligence processor has reached the international advanced level.


On April 25th, the 35th Institute of Civil Aviation Science and Technology of China released a new AI human security instrument, and announced that the performance index of this security instrument equipped with an artificial intelligence processor has reached the international advanced level. The security instrument performance is eye-catching. No radiation safety inspection system, millimeter-level resolution, 0.7 seconds of reading speed, and a detection rate of 95%, and the performance index is the highest in the country.


Most friendliness: No radiation, no invasion of privacy


This security instrument, which was invented and used in more than 40 countries, is the first in China. The system is different from the current universal human security equipment. At present, the human body security measures generally use magnetic metal detection plus manual inspection mode. The biggest drawback is that the speed is slow and the labor intensity is high. In addition, if a few places use X-ray human body security inspection devices, it will cause radiation damage to the examinee. The space safety instrument has absolute advantages in efficiency and radiation safety. Its built-in antenna can capture millimeter waves reflected on the surface of human skin. Electromagnetic radiation is less than 0.00014mW/CM2. The amount of radiation for a security check is only one thousandth of the signal of a mobile phone.


In terms of detection ability, the subject only needs to stand on the security instrument and raise his hands. Within 2 seconds, the security door can read all the information except the skin of the subject, and the 360 degree resolution and the imaging resolution can be detected in millimeters. The map is instantly generated. The non-metal dangerous goods and contraband that cannot be detected by current security inspection equipment, including corrosive, flammable and explosive liquids, gels, etc., can be “exhausted”. However, this “overview” is only for items. According to 35 designers, in order to protect the subject’s privacy, the security instrument adopts intelligent privacy protection technology, and the imaging records show the human face and gender organs in a blurry manner. Security screening uses virtual doll mapping technology to display the virtual doll on the screen outside the security instrument. If there is any contraband, the logo is made in the corresponding area of the doll. Privacy and security are guaranteed.


The smartest: IQ first, continuous learning


The most eye-catching performance at the conference came from the first exposure of space AI technology. It is reported that although the proportion of similar products in the domestic market has exceeded 90%, but the product was a year ago, there is still a gap between the automatic identification technology of dangerous goods and the international top level. In order to sit first in the country, 35 companies have carried out research on dangerous goods automatic identification technology. Experts from the China Artificial Intelligence Industry Development Alliance are leading the way and use artificial intelligence technology to automatically identify dangerous goods.


This round of research called "brain change" has increased the automatic detection rate of dangerous goods by security devices to 95%, and the automatic recognition time has been reduced to 0.7 seconds. In other words, 89 samples of dangerous goods can be identified within one second, and the results are mapped to virtual figures, indicating that the product is far superior to domestic products and reaches the world's top level.


"China's security inspection products, IQ first", artificial intelligence experts expressed confidence, welcome from all walks of life test and challenge. This “best-brained” security tester has superior learning capabilities and can continuously learn from the endless variety of contraband products. By upgrading the software platform, it can meet the need for future security check upgrades. The upgrade service is also very convenient, without hardware changes, "as simple as mobile phone APP upgrade." ?


The most professional: from military security to service people's livelihood


It is reported that as the backbone research institute of China’s missile weapons, 35 Aerospace Institutes have actively participated in the military-civilian integration in recent years, and in the civilian industry, they have focused on the two major fields of security, information, petroleum, and geology. As the most typical military-civilian fusion product, the AI security instrument is supported by the leading domestic leading professional programs of the institute. From structural design to radar detection, from image recognition to artificial intelligence, the core technologies have all been transformed from military technology and have completely independent intellectual property rights. Although it is a civilian product, from the product design to the production, it has adhered to the standards of high quality and high reliability of military products.


Focusing on 35 areas in the field of security, in recent years, many types of security products have been developed that serve the national economy and people's livelihood, and are gradually put into the market. With the escalation of the domestic security situation, public attention to civilian security has also increased. 35 security instrument products have been used in a number of domestic courts, prisons, ports, etc., and trials have been conducted at airports in Beijing, Xinjiang, Hainan, and Guangzhou, and have been highly praised for their innovative security effects and experiences.


It is reported that civil aviation millimeter wave security inspection standards will also be issued in the near future, domestic airport security inspection equipment or will be fully replaced. Aerospace science and technology will serve the safety of civil aviation, and the era of smart security will come to an end.