AI-based dynamic face skynet is revolutionizing the arranging revolution

- May 08, 2018-

Artificial intelligence is a technological revolution for the security industry. It essentially solves the entire police investigation from the clue chain to the evidence chain. Our so-called public safety is mainly targeted at suspects and social blacklisted people for the government and public security departments. Such people often have powerful destructive power and instability factors. In this process, the most difficult part for the public security department is the confirmation of the person’s identity. Therefore, we hope that through the implementation of informatization, public security law enforcement agencies can more easily find criminals that undermine social stability.


Based on the above-mentioned functions, Tulin Technology has launched a dynamic library solution for face recognition, based on the original deep learning face recognition algorithm of Tu Lin Technology, which integrates motion tracking, face detection, face recognition, and large-scale human faces. Search in one, the use of big data platform, real-time video or offline video dynamic face recognition, analysis and processing, for the public security industry to provide dynamic face recognition library solution. Through the pre-set black list, white list, fugitives and other key monitoring personnel to conduct real-time face retrieval and comparison, in order to achieve real-time alarm, real-time retrieval and other integrated intelligent management.


The dynamic face recognition large library can be used in crowded scenes such as squares, train stations, and airports. Through real-time matching, black-and-white list collisions, and important defense list banks, face capture can be achieved in real time or captured in advance. This is different from the previous investigation methods. In the past, public security officers mostly used video surveillance to find evidence of crimes and conducted investigations afterwards. Such investigations do not have the ability to alert in advance because the police cannot confirm their personal information.


The dynamic face recognition library and other AI-based search engines realize the real function of the “eye of the eye.” The smart camera is like our eyes and can capture and compare the information of people in real time. All cases in the bud will be able to Contained. This is the convenience brought by this core technology, which is what we call the technological revolution, and it can also be said to be the investigation of the revolution. Compared with the original technology, face recognition can be said to be a completely advanced technology.


We often say that “Tiannet is sparse and does not leak.” If you have ever committed a crime, you are still a criminal on the record of the law. Not long ago, the suspect went to see Jacky Cheung's concert and was arrested for face recognition. This is the best example. In the face of wise men's skynet, more years of dossiers will be recorded and compared in real time.


China's public security is the most important department in maintaining social stability. Dynamic Face Skynet learns hundreds of millions of photos through the depth of AI, increasing its comparison ability and accuracy. Today, the accuracy of this application technology has reached 99.8%.


In addition, the memory occupied by massive video is very high, and it is very difficult for the public security department to load such massive amounts of high-definition video every day. One hour of high-definition video is equivalent to a high-definition movie, and there will be 24 movies 24 hours a day. This is very costly for the public security. However, for the public security, the really effective video will be very, very few, mostly invalid video. At present, our transformation and coverage of dynamic face and wisdom analysis is based on deep neural learning analysis. In this process, we extract the information from people and it is equivalent to a face photo, which greatly reduces storage. cost.


Of course, there will be security issues in it, and this security issue is dependent on people. It is like that you give a gun to different people. It may be a case or self-defense. This is a legal issue. Not technical issues.


Artificial intelligence and big data integration will bring more opportunities and possibilities

The security industry in the future will be even greater. The original security is called pan security. The current security represents security and prevention. It is a large industrial chain that can be applied to various government departments and can also be applied to the C-side civil market. . Future security will be more based on big data, artificial intelligence based on massive data, and public security, politics and law, and smart communities, including people's livelihood, will all be brought together in a huge database. This database will integrate data in trillions and gigabytes. barrier. Under such technical means, data interoperability and public technology security can be realized in the entire province, the entire China, and even Asia as a whole.


This is not just a creative idea, but it can be achieved through the integration of artificial intelligence and big data. For artificial intelligence, China proposed 2025 "China's intellectual creation." The positioning of Tu Lin Technology is a global solution provider and an integrated solution provider. Algorithmic power is our core competitiveness. Our services are for various industries, but also for families. In the smart community in the future, whether it is smart door locks or the monitoring of corridors and stairwells, real-time face comparisons can be achieved and can be synchronized to public security and property. Face