Advantages of AI Intelligent Security Inspection

- Aug 14, 2019-

Advantages of AI Intelligent Security Inspection


1. The environment of security inspection is complex. Taking the passenger flow of Guangzhou Metro Station as an example, official statistics show that the number of passengers per day has reached 10 million. Even if we can digitize the physical world, it is also a huge information content of nearly 5 million statistical data. It is basically difficult for human beings to find the core information content in this statistical data group.

But AI can analyze and separate the huge and complicated statistical data and feed back to human beings with a more direct conclusion.

Traditionally, a complex environment depends on a large number of passengers, so it is impossible to control and identify it manually. However, AI can digitize the real environment very well under the big data of the Internet, and then simplify the statistical data from complex to simple, direct feedback, which can enable security personnel to identify the risk causes in the complex environment efficiently, bind security objectives, and improve security protection.


Second, the efficiency of security inspection is declining. Work can be done in eight hours, but safety protection must be continuous throughout the day. This means that the pressure of security inspection comes not only from the complicated environment, but also from the high continuous time. In these respects, machines are better than humans.

Without the confusion of negative emotions and illness, intelligent security has been able to take on long-term continuous work.

Third, the cost of labor increases. With the development of high-tech and social economy, no matter which industry, the cost of labor is increasing and the cost of machine is decreasing. When the cost of labor and machine is in the middle line, the phenomenon of machine replacing human will appear on a large scale. In the security inspection industry, because of the long-term and continuous operation time and higher human cost, it is urgent to land the products of "AI + security inspection", so as to solve the problem of high cost in the industry.


However, at this stage, the online intelligent security inspection machine has not completely solved this pain point, on the contrary, because it is in the embryonic stage of the industry, the high cost of research and development has not made the product universal. Based on the average salary of Changsha security industry, the annual salary of one person is about 40,000, and three people work 8 hours a day, that is, the annual cost is 120,000. This kind of calculation is relatively vague, clearing up many factors, but it can refer to the problem that the price of security inspection machine is too high at this stage. With the development and improvement of technology, it can be expected that these differences will become smaller and reach the ideal control level.

Now it is still in the initial stage of the whole intelligent security inspection machine industry. The economic benefits brought by the intelligent security inspection machine can not shake the whole industry model. Manpower-based is still the main direction of security inspection today.

Products need polishing and growth. Intelligent security inspection machine is slowly better than manual in efficiency, monitoring and data collation, which improves the safety factor of security inspection. According to the cooperation and assistance with manual, it can obtain the optimal solution of security inspection industry.

So, the landing and application of AI + security inspection machine in security scene is the future that can be expected.