400 grams of gold stolen from a security crafts factory by cheating with gold in its mouth

- Mar 05, 2019-

Boss Chen of Longwan, Wenzhou, runs a factory that processes gold crafts. Now the price of gold is becoming more and more expensive. Boss Chen has also paid close attention to the safety inspection of the factory. He has set up two special security checks. One is that all the workers who enter the factory must change their clothes into work clothes. The other is the security gate. If there is metal on the workers, the security gate can alarm. Even so, the gold in his factory was quietly "transported".


It was a friend of Boss Chen who first discovered the problem. The friend found that some of the gold displayed in a local gold shop was not ordinary jewelry, but had been cast into a special shape just like the "parts" on the gold handicraft produced by Chen Bo's factory.

Boss Chen will be suspicious, the results do not see do not know, a startle, these gold is really from their own factory out, then found 60 grams.

He immediately called the police. The police quickly stepped in. The owner of the gold shop said he didn't know the origin of the gold, but provided a phone call for the seller.

Following the call, the police quickly controlled four suspects, three of whom were workers in Chen's factory and the other one was intermediary Xu Mou.


In fact, this Xu is the mastermind. He had previously worked for another company that also produces gold crafts, and "intentionally" he found that if he held gold in his mouth, the security door could not detect it. After mastering this "secret", he began to look for a manufacturer equipped with the same type of security gate, and finally found the factory of Mr. Chen. Then, Xu arranged for his nephew to apply for jobs in the factory of Boss Chen, and eventually "got what he wanted", responsible for the processing of platinum and gold accessories. From then on, "stealing beams and changing pillars" began: Xu let his nephew put gold in his mouth and take it out of the factory.

"In order to prevent the discovery, I told my nephew that every time I brought out gold, only about 1 gram, not many." Xu explained that when he accumulated 5 grams, he sold the gold and then shared the money with his nephew.

Later, two of his friends, Zheng Mou and Li Mou, joined in.

By the time the case was committed, the gang had moved nearly 400 grams of gold from the "ant moving" factory of Mr. Chen, and the amount involved was nearly 100,000 yuan.

At present, four people have been detained.


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