2020 new Jiyue series swing gate

- Feb 13, 2020-

2020 new Jiyue series swing gate

Brand new modeling & brand new technology & brand new structure; from inside to outside, practice design aesthetics and build extraordinary quality.

Design concept: simplicity, science fiction, asymmetry. Inspired by the science fiction, geometry and color mix in the movie. Although the new design is simple, it can carry complex functions. Asymmetric streamline, trapezoid outline, two-color combination and other new ideas all show the unique style and charm of the new design.

A side is shining, B side is deep, flowing with two-sided highlights,

Let users in and out, feel different experience.

New geometric aesthetics, traditional square becomes new trapezoid,

The fuselage and the swing door are trapezoid in outline, echoing each other and harmonizing.

Red and black, two-color splicing, both visual impact and harmony,

The combination of wide and narrow, red, wide and black, with distinct layers, shows the beauty of classics,

The cutting line between red and black is natural and smooth,

The downward streamline is not parallel to the boundary line of the fuselage, which shows a free and uninhibited attitude.


Science fiction blue light design, the whole machine uses blue light in a unified way. The edge of the swing door surrounds the blue light. The traffic indication, status indication and card swiping indication are all blue light. All the blue lights are combined to create a new strong sense of technology.

Corner arc design, no hidden danger of sharp corner, to ensure the safety of users.

It is suitable for ergonomics, color, light brightness, proportion, body height, card swiping angle and so on, which gives users a very comfortable human-computer interaction experience.

In terms of structure, what new technologies have been created?

From the outside of the gate, a screw can't be found. Why does the screw disappear? This is due to the breakthrough of engineers' conventional thinking and the pursuit of industrial aesthetics.


One is the original CGL assembly technology. According to the mortise and tenon structure principle of ancient buildings, engineers have developed a new technology that is suitable for the connection mode of the box components of the gate machine.

The second is the original fifth generation movement technology. The surging rotation of the "core" never stops. The engineers optimized and upgraded the "heart" (movement) of the gate, redesigned the fixed way of swinging the door, and could not see a screw on the external facade of the case.

Under the support of double innovative technology, the surface screws achieve the effect of "disappearing", the whole machine has no concave and convex points, and each side is smooth, making the whole machine more beautiful. Every time we push a new brake, no matter what shape it will appear, it will only be more in line with our practical application, in a more surprising form. We will continue to design boldly and create distinctive themes in a pioneering spirit, lead the design trend of the gate industry, and present more beautiful works of the gate.