Multi-function Hand-held Metal Detector

Model No:AT-600S High Performance Hand Held Scanner Power Voltage:9V Standard or Rechargeable Battery, power:270mw Operating Temperature:-5C° to +55C° Net weight:409g,Dimensions:41(L) X 8.5(W) X 4.5(H)cm
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Model No:AT-600S High performance hand held metal detector



· If the green light goes out completely or fails to come on or if the unit is making unfamiliar audio tunes, the unit is unstable and should not be used until the battery is recharged or replaced.

· If the unit is not to be used for a certain length of time it is advisable to remove the battery to avoid battery leakage which could cause serious damage to the detector.

· When not in use, the detector should be stored in a dry warm environment.


Power Voltage


Operating Frequency

Operating Current

Operating Voltage

Operating Temperature

Net Weight


9V Standard or Rechargeable Battery





-5C° to +55C°


41(L) X 8.5(W) X 4.5(H)cm

OPERATING MANUAL                 

High  Performance  Hand  Held  Scanner  AT-600S



1. Detection Face

2. LED(Green /Red Color)

3. Audio Alert

4. Sensitivity Adjuster

5. Handle

6. Battery Lid

7. Low Sensitivity Switch  

8. On/Off Switch

9. Rechargeable Battery Socket

10. Vibrator Button


 The AT-600S is a high performance Hand Held Metal Detector designed to meet the exact requirements of the security industry. Typical uses will include body search for offensive weapons in crowd control, airport and border security, checking parcels and letters for metal objects and anywhere that hidden metal needs to be detected.


· The AT-600S operates on one 9volt standard or rechargeable battery. To install the battery, slide off the battery cover and place the battery into its compartment while matching the +/- symbols.

· Turn the unit on by pushing the on/off switch until it clicks on and the green LED is lit. The detector is now operational although an increase in sensitivity and depth range can be achieved by turning the sensitivity adjuster until the red LED is lit and a constant audio tune is heard. Turn the sensitivity adjuster (anti-clockwise) until the red LED just goes out and the tone fades. The detector is now tuned for optimum sensitivity and depth range.

· Holding the unit with the detection face towards the surface, sweep backwards and forwards continuously at a height of 10-30 mm above the area to be scanned.

· The presence of metal will be indicated by the audio warning tone and the red light coming on. If the detector is held still over a metal object the detection signal will automatically reduce, therefore it is important that the unit is continually scanning the surface when in use.


 The sensitivity of the detector is determined primarily by the size, shape and composition of the object to be detected.

Typical performance figures are given below :

Maximum Detection Range

Object                 Low Sensitivity           Optimum Sensitivity

38 Caliber hand gun



Pen knife



Razor blade





Press the low sensitivity switch during detection, scanner will then only respond to bigger metal objects such as a hand gun, knife, etc and will not respond to small   metals such as a coin, key, hatpin ,etc. Do not release the low sensitivity switch until you complete low sensitivity detection.


· You may use a 9 volt rechargeable battery to power the detector.

· It takes four to six hours to fully charge the battery. The battery charger socket is located at the side of the detector.

Note: Turn off the detector when charging it.


The detector is equipped with a vibrator button also located at the side of the detector. Vibration function should be used in noisy work situations or in places where the operator does not wish for the audio tune to be heard in his surrounding area. Press this button, vibrator works; release it ,audio tune works.