Subway Entrance Control Swing Barrier Gate

Model No:SZAT-B8017 Luxury entrance control single core swing barrier gate Power voltage:AC220V±10% 50HZ Drive voltage:AC12V+AC18V Input signal:12v DC level or 12v pulse>100ms Length of swing arm:500-600mm Pass speed:Less than 30 person/minutes Product size:1200(L)*280(W)*980(H)mm
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Product Details

Luxury entrance control columnar inclined single core swing barrier gate

Model No:SZAT-B8017

Specialized intelligent swing gate is an intelligent channel management equipment developed,It is a high-tech product for intelligent management of personnel channels. The device integrates mechanical, electronic, microprocessor control and various identification technologies into an organic whole. It coordinates the intelligent control and management of channels by selecting various identification system equipment and adopting reliable security protection devices, alarm devices, direction indication, and expanding friendly LED counting and display interface. Equipped with the main control box, the line is clear and clear, even the first contact can be checked under the guidance of technicians telephone line fault and maintenance!

Intelligent swing gate can be easily compatible with IC card, ID card, bar code card, fingerprint and other card-reading identification equipment, providing a civilized and orderly way of passage for entry and exit personnel, and effective management personnel in and out. It can be widely used in stations, wharfs, metros, factories, buildings, intelligent residential areas, hotels, clubs, enterprises and institutions, and other occasions where intelligent channel management is needed.

It is divided into: single core: for single channel and multi-channel; dual core: for multi-channel





framework structure

304 drawing stainless steel

Cover thickness:


Cabinet thickness:


External Dimension:


Length of swing arm:


Simple pendulum channel:


Double pendulum channel:



What problems should be paid attention to in the selection and purchase of swing gates

1. Beauty: The power flow of swing gate gate is single column and double pendulum, slender and long. Beauty can only be judged by itself.

2. Safety: Swing gates usually rely on infrared photoelectricity to detect people flow. When detecting errors, Swing Gates will hit pedestrians, causing unnecessary disputes, and the number of photoelectric tubes should not be too small. Swing gates can not rotate too much, otherwise it will hurt people. In closed position, swing gates can not be broken manually, otherwise the basic requirements of access control will be lost.

3. Reliability: The reliability of the brake is based on the reliability of various parts of the brake and the integration mode. Selecting good quality components is the basis, such as card reader, controller, display, etc. The integration mode mainly depends on the design and selection of control unit and communication mode. The existence of lightning protection components is also related to the reliability of the equipment.

4. Rotating life: The swing brake is driven by the motor and rotates continuously. The mechanical life of the equipment is determined by the life of the motor and the life of the speed-reducing mechanism.

5. Material: The swing gate is for people's use, various external forces are frequent, mechanical strength is an important consideration; the long-term operation of the gate is a "gateway", should be beautiful, so it is necessary to select 1.5-2.0 mm stainless steel quality. Stainless steel material is divided into many types, it is better to use 304 stainless steel. Flexible material is better for the door.

6. Glass Material on the top of Bar Code Reader: The top of Bar Code Reader must be transparent. The use of plexiglass is low-cost and easy to process and install. However, after repeated ticket brushing, the glass will wear roughly, affecting the reading speed and accuracy of Bar Code. Therefore, wear-resistant quartz glass must be used.

7. Check-ticket speed: The speed of check-ticket is an important index for the large flow of the gate. The speed of check-ticket depends on the control mode of the gate, the mode of communication network, the software of check-ticket processing and the speed of mechanical action. Generally, the response speed of the gate is less than 500 ms.

What problems should be paid attention to in the selection and purchase of switching gates? For the switching problem, we also know something from the introduction above. Generally speaking, the choice of switching needs to pay attention to the above problems, and also pay attention to the installation environment. Therefore, if you want to know more, you can contact our staff. As a professional manufacturer, we will have targeted solutions. Let you rest assured.



Model No.


Power voltage

AC220V±10% 50HZ

Drive voltage


Operation condition


Relative humidity

<95% None-condensation

Input signal

12v DC level or 12v pulse>100ms

Working current


Length of swing arm


Open angle


Pass speed

Less than 30 person/minutes


Frame or 304 stainless steel cover

Open direction

Single and double(optional)

Install place

Outdoor and indoor

IP degree


Width of passage


Opening or close time


Time required to enter the state after power supply

3 seconds

Automatic reset time after failure

10 seconds

Commnication interface

RS485 standard electric appliance,communication distance1200mts (access control)

Swing arm drive angle


Product size


Gross weight