Airport Entrance Control Swing Gate

Model No: SZAT-B8015 Airport entrance control single core swing gate Power voltage:AC220V±10% 50HZ Drive voltage:AC12V+AC18V Input signal:12v DC level or 12v pulse>100ms Length of swing arm:500-600mm Pass speed:Less than 30 person/minutes Product size:1200(L)*280(W)*980(H)mm
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Product Details

Airport entrance control columnar inclined single core swing gate

Model No: SZAT-B8015

Characteristics of standard products:

1) Fault self-check and alarm prompt,convenient for users to maintain and use.

2) The running state of the programmable equipment is achieved through the built-in small press disc on the main control board.

3) Anti-clip, anti-collision and anti-collision 

4) Anti-scour function, the swing arm locks automatically when no open signal is got.

5) The swing arm can be adjusted synchronously (for double arm);

6) Automatic reset. 

7) Normal opening or closing can be adjusted to meet the requirements of different sites.

8) Be connected with various card reading devices to receive relay switching signals.

9) One-way and two-way pendulum function, which can control personnel in and out one-way or two-way;

10) The remote control and management can be realized directly through the management computer.

11) Delayed automatic reset, the standard is automatic reset 5 seconds after opening;

12) Swing arm automatically open while poweroff,and close while power on.

13) Sound (light) alarm function, including illegal intrusion alarm, (reverse intrusion gate closure), etc.

14) Counting function ;

15) Anti-collision and anti-clip function;

16) Accurate logic judgement and infrared reset function;

17) Speech output, human prompt correct access .

The functions of all swing gates are the same. The difference lies in the appearance and size of the products. The functions and technical parameters of the above gates are the parameters of standard equipment. we can also set the parameters according to the requirements of users. All devices can be used with access control and fingerprint machine, and can form a perfect attendance system for access control.


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Model No.


Power voltage

AC220V±10% 50HZ

Drive voltage


Operation condition


Relative humidity

<95% None-condensation

Input signal

12v DC level or 12v pulse>100ms

Working current


Length of swing arm


Open angle


Pass speed

Less than 30 person/minutes


Frame or 304 stainless steel cover

Open direction

Single and double(optional)

Install place

Outdoor and indoor

IP degree


Width of passage


Opening or close time


Time required to enter the state after power supply

3 seconds

Automatic reset time after failure

10 seconds

Commnication interface

RS485 standard electric appliance,communication distance1200mts (access control)

Swing arm drive angle


Product size


Gross weight