Yarn Dyed Corduroy

Yarn Dyed Corduroy

Corduroy fabric Style: cutted and singed,PFD, dyed or printed  Specification: 3.5w 4.5w 6w 8w 11w 14w 16w 21w 28w etc customized as to customer's requests. Composition:100% cotton or cotton with lycra. Width:57/58" for dyed. Made in China
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Yarn dyed corduroy 

Traditional corduroy is mostly dyed and printed. If it is processed into dyed fabric products, it can be designed into wool and ground with different colours (strong contrast). The effects of wool blending and gradual change of wool colour can also be achieved. The dyeing and printing can also cooperate with each other. Although dyeing and printing costs are low and dyeing and weaving costs are slightly higher, the rich patterns will bring endless vitality to corduroy. Cutting is the most important finishing process of corduroy, and is the necessary means of corduroy fluffing. The traditional Corduroy cutting method is always unchanged, which has become an important reason for restricting the development of corduroy.

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