Tree Support Kits

Tree Support Kits

Tree support kits ZCM-65 inner diameter size: 65mm ZCM-53 inner diameter size:53mm ZCM-43 inner diameter size:43mm ZCM-38 inner diameter size:38mm
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Tree support kits

It is comsist of 3 or 4 support cups and one piece straps,not including the support sticks.

The final purpose is to prevent the windbreak to harm the growth of the transplanted trees or small trees.meanwhile,it can beautify the garden landscape.

It is made up of PP and nylon material and very durable,high-strength,anti-aging,anti-temperature. it can be easily used in very cold or high is very welcome by worldwhile users.

The product size can be chosen according the actual need,like the size of tree trunk,prevent and control demand etc.there are 38mm 43mm 53mm 65mm size support cups and 100cm 80cm 50cm support straps for the optional.

We gurantee the quality absolutely at any time.because we have produced these products for more years and the products have been tested in chinese civil markets more years and got the good comments by the users in the market.

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