Tree Support Holder

Tree Support Holder

Tree support holder Model No:ZCM-65 Tree protection support system:Designed to protect the foundation of the new plant and the law of vertical growth of trees
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Product Details

Tree support holder for garden use with inner diameter 65mm 


Model No:ZCM-65

The main advantages are as follows:

(1) Some fixed support units are used to form enclosure on trees, which overcomes some disadvantages of traditional wind-proof support, such as occupying large space, easily causing damage to trees and so on.

(2) The soft rubber block, the transverse framework, the fixed bolt and the connecting buckle on the rubber block are easy to assemble and disassemble, the use and transportation are convenient, and the space is saved.

(3) The soft rubber blocks are directly in contact with the trunk. The elasticity of the soft rubber blocks can make the tree sway in a certain range, ensure that the bark is not harmed, and ensure the normal growth of the tree.

(4) The transverse skeleton is fixed on the vertical skeleton by the transverse skeleton fixing bolt, and the position of the transverse skeleton can be selected according to the structural characteristics of trees, so that the whole fixing bracket can bear the transverse force of trees in the wind uniformly.

(5) The whole set of fixing devices is composed of several fixed units. The number of units needed can be selected according to the actual situation, which is flexible and adaptable.

(6) The shape is harmonious and beautiful. It is more suitable for use in urban road greening. It can not only save a lot of pavement space, but also avoid tripping pedestrians as easily as traditional fixed brackets.


Product part: set cup--tree support holder

It is made of update PP material. It is both heat-resisting and cold-resisting.nondiscoloring and nondeformation, strong and durable,can be used more times.



It is divided into eight kinds by different inner diameter size and material as belows:

A: hard plastic

ZCM-65  inner diameter size: 65mm

ZCM-53  inner diameter size:53mm

ZCM-43  inner diameter size:43mm

ZCM-38  inner diameter size:38mm

B: soft plastic

ZCM-65R  inner diameter size: 65mm

ZCM-53R  inner diameter size:53mm

ZCM-43R  inner diameter size:43mm

ZCM-38R  inner diameter size:38mm


Product part: bandage (strap)

It is made of pp and nylon material. Tough and durable


Specification :

Model No: Z-100 : 100 centimeter bangage suitable for tree trunk upon 22 centimeter.

Model No:Z-80 :  80 centimeter bangage suitable for tree trunk under 22 centimeter.

Model No:Z-50 :  50 centimeter bangage suitable for tree trunk under 12 centimeter.

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