Tree Fixation Support

Tree Fixation Support

Tree fixation support (support cup and strap) not include stick 6.5cm.5.3,4.3,3.8cm inner diameter of cup 100cm 80cm 50cm length of strap
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Tree fixation support (support cup and strap) not include stick

This product uses PP material, and adds toughening, anti-aging, anti-ultraviolet components, large quantity is preferable, Set Cup service life of five years, heat and cold resistance, color and deformation, can be recycled.

A tree usually needs three sets of cups and a tie, or four sets of cups and a tie. (Three or four supports according to their own circumstances, 50 cm bandage suitable for trees under 12 cm. 80 cm bandage is suitable for trees under 22 cm, 100 cm bandage is suitable for trees under 28 cm, and more than 28 cm requires two joints to be used together.)

Tree protection support system:

Designed to protect the foundation of the new plant and the law of vertical growth of treesOn this basis, the scientific design of the three componentsComparing with the traditional similar support method, it is more beautiful and tidySelection of profiles to refresh the new standards of similar technologyIn line with the scientific, economic, energy saving, environmental protection and efficient development concept advocated by the modern society

Product part: set cup--tree fixation support

It is made of update PP material. It is both heat-resisting and cold-resisting.non-discoloring and non-deformation, strong and durable,can be used more times.



It is divided into eight kinds by different inner diameter size and material as below:

A: hard plastic

ZCM-65  inner diameter size: 65mm

ZCM-53  inner diameter size:53mm

ZCM-43  inner diameter size:43mm

ZCM-38  inner diameter size:38mm

B: soft plastic

ZCM-65R  inner diameter size: 65mm

ZCM-53R  inner diameter size:53mm

ZCM-43R  inner diameter size:43mm

ZCM-38R  inner diameter size:38mm


Product part: strap

It is made of pp and nylon material. Tough and durable


Specification :

Model No: Z-100 : 100cm strap suitable for tree trunk upon 22cm

Model No:Z-80 :  80cm strap suitable for tree trunk under 22cm

Model No:Z-50 :  50cm strap suitable for tree trunk under 12cm

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