Tree Fixation Kit

Tree Fixation Kit

Plastic tree fixation stake kit include tree tie goblet for tree support Specification: Tree fixation support cup :6.5cm,5.3cm,4.3cm,3.8cm inner diameter size Tree fixation strap: 100cm,80cm,50cm length size for your optional Combination use : one strap with 3 or 4 pieces tree fixation support cups.
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Product Details

Tree bracket plastic cup nylon strap big tree fixator garden support rod rubber sleeve tree windbreak fixator poplar pine axle length 50cm 80cm 100cm plastic strap/one

Product function:

The product is composed of cup set, tie belt and support wood. The cup is made by injection moulding of soft materials of synthetic resin series. Simple operation, only four steps to complete the installation, effective protection of the normal growth of seedlings, the two forms a solid integration, so that the construction process and cost are greatly saved, the cup part of the product can be used repeatedly, with a period of 8-10 years. At the same time, temperature resistance and cold resistance, high temperature 120 degrees, low temperature - 50 degrees.


Product features:

  1. high strength

  2. anti-corrosion

  3. anti-aging,durable

  4. anti-uv,can be workable in high temperature or cold environment.

Product part: set cup--tree fixation support

It is made of update PP material. It is both heat-resisting and cold-resisting.non-discoloring and non-deformation, strong and durable,can be used more times.



It is divided into eight kinds by different inner diameter size and material as below:

A: hard plastic

ZCM-65  inner diameter size: 65mm

ZCM-53  inner diameter size:53mm

ZCM-43  inner diameter size:43mm

ZCM-38  inner diameter size:38mm

B: soft plastic

ZCM-65R  inner diameter size: 65mm

ZCM-53R  inner diameter size:53mm

ZCM-43R  inner diameter size:43mm

ZCM-38R  inner diameter size:38mm


Product part: strap

It is made of pp and nylon material. Tough and durable


Specification :

Model No: Z-100 : 100cm strap suitable for tree trunk upon 22cm

Model No:Z-80 :  80cm strap suitable for tree trunk under 22cm

Model No:Z-50 :  50cm strap suitable for tree trunk under 12cm


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