Stretch Corduroy Fabric

Stretch Corduroy Fabric

Corduroy fabric Style: cutted and singed,PFD, dyed or printed Specification: 3.5w 4.5w 6w 8w 11w 14w 16w 21w 28w etc customized as to customer's requests. Composition:100% cotton or cotton with lycra. Width:57/58" for dyed. Made in China
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Stretch corduroy

The process is mostly used for shallow deep duplicate products. The fabric is dyed regularly first, then the dyed corduroy suede is coated with different color pigments to form double color, and then the final effect is formed by finishing the fabric or garment. Because of the relative darkness of the face and the good covering effect of the coating, the selection range of the base dyes is very wide. Reactive dyes, sulfur dyes and Schilling dyes can be used. After dyeing, the bottom plate should be color-matched, and as far as possible, no paint repair or soft finishing should be used to avoid affecting the colour and fastness of the colour coating. There are two ways of coating and printing, i.e. coating and printing. It is difficult to control the degree of production. The furrow is often painted with color. The real double color of the finished product is the different color between the two sides of the root and the peak and furrow. At this time, the handle and fastness of the product are not very good. Therefore, this kind of product must go through another finishing process to meet the needs of fabric wear. In addition, different finishing can also produce special fading effect, more in line with modern fashion trends. After finishing is usually placed after ready-made clothes, finishing methods include soft washing, sand washing, enzyme washing and so on.

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