Printed Corduroy Fabric

Printed Corduroy Fabric

Corduroy fabric Style: cutted and singed,PFD, dyed or printed Specification: 3.5w 4.5w 6w 8w 11w 14w 16w 21w 28w etc customized as to customer's requests. Composition:100% cotton or cotton with lycra. Width:57/58" for dyed. Made in China
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printed corduroy fabric

4.5w 6w 8w 11w 14w 16w etc

The American standard "Test Method for Fluff Retention Performance of Corduroy Fabrics (ASTM D4685-87)" stipulates the frictional treatment procedures of corduroy fabric samples, the instruments and methods for evaluating the fluff retention performance. However, the main problem is that the evaluation of corduroy wool retention performance grade must be carried out by three inspectors according to the standard. The subjective factors of inspectors will affect the accuracy of the evaluation results. Our country's export pure cotton corduroy inspection basis is "Natural Corduroy Cutting Fabric Inspection Rules" (SN/TO312-94). The export pure cotton printing and dyeing corduroy inspection basis is "Cotton Printing and Dyeing Corduroy Inspection Rules" (GB/T14311-93). However, the above two standards do not regulate corduroy retention performance testing. According to the investigation, in the relevant standards of other countries, the testing methods of corduroy retention performance are not described.

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