Cotton Corduroy

Cotton Corduroy

Corduroy fabric Style: cutted and singed,PFD, dyed or printed Specification: 3.5w 4.5w 6w 8w 11w 14w 16w 21w 28w etc customized as to customer's requests. Composition:100% cotton or cotton with lycra. Width:57/58" for dyed. Made in China
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Cotton corduroy

It has the following characteristics:

1. It has strong hygroscopicity and high shrinkage, about 4-10%.

2. Alkali and acid resistance. Cotton cloth is very unstable to inorganic acids, even if it is destroyed by very rare sulfuric acid, but the effect of organic acids is weak and almost no destructive effect. Cotton cloth is more alkali-resistant. Dilute alkali generally does not affect cotton cloth at room temperature, but after strong alkali action, the strength of cotton cloth will decrease. Mercerized cotton cloth can be obtained by treating cotton cloth with 20% caustic soda.

3. Light and heat resistance are general. Cotton cloth is oxidized slowly in sunlight and atmosphere, which decreases its strength.

The cotton cloth will be damaged by long-term high temperature, but it can withstand short high temperature treatment at 125 ~ 150 ~C.

4. Microorganisms can destroy cotton fabrics. It is not resistant to mould.

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