16w Strech Dyed Corduroy

16w Strech Dyed Corduroy

Corduroy fabric Style: cutted and singed,PFD, dyed or printed  Specification: 3.5w 4.5w 6w 8w 11w 14w 16w 21w 28w etc customized as to customer's requests. Composition:100% cotton or cotton with lycra. Width:57/58" for dyed. Made in China
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16*21+70d 51*134 16w 57/58" stretch corduroy

Elastic corduroy: Corduroy can be obtained by adding elastic fibers to warp and weft yarns at the bottom of corduroy. The addition of polyurethane filament can improve the comfort of clothes and make clothes fit tightly. It is conducive to compact undercloth structure and prevent corduroy from falling down. It can also improve the shape retention of clothes and improve the arch knee and elbow phenomenon of traditional cotton clothes.

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