Saba Washing Powder

Saba Washing Powder

Saba washing powder Min order quantity:50 matric tons(2*40HC)/ trial :25MT(1*40HC) Spply ability:25000Metric tons per month Port :Qingdao port,Shandong,China Payment:T/T in advance or Sight LC
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Saba washing powder

Laundry wash powder is an alkaline synthetic detergent. It is a chemical preparation used for laundry. It was first invented by Hangover in Germany in 1907 with borate and silicate as the main raw materials.

The main components of laundry washing powder are anionic surfactant, Sodium Alkylbenzene sulfonate, a small amount of non-ionic surfactant, and some additives, such as phosphate, silicate, sodium hydroxide, fluorescent agent, enzymes, etc. They are made by mixing and powder spraying processes. At present, 4A fluorite is mostly used instead of phosphate.

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