Laundry Detergent Powder

Laundry Detergent Powder

Laundry detergent powder Bulk: 25kgs 500kgs others:15g 30g 45g 50g 80g 110g 125g 250g 500g 1kgs 3kgs and so on as customer’s request.
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Product Details

Laundry degergent powder for various specifications.

Our advantages:

  1. Libo is located in weifang city,which is near from Qingdao port,this makes the convenient links to ourside world.

  2. Technique and equipment we can produce various kinds of detergent powder with different formula,specification and package,and technicians in Libo are able to make scientific research to develop new products as per customer's need. we have sixty automatic packing machines special for 15g--100g package and twenty automatic packing machines for 100g-3000g package

  3. Cost and supply chain management we have our own stable material supplier for long time cooperation and because of large purchase quantity,we can get the best raw material price in the market,we also produce Las ourselves to make sure deliver the goods in time

  4. Quality assurance we have full set of test devices in our center laboratory to make sure that there is quality control personnel checking on the process strictly from raw material,production to finished products,and we have also get the certificates of iso9001 for the production of detergent powder

  5. Service we have our self-operation export and import right and rich experiences in dealing with various OEM cooperative partners,we are able to complete the order perfectly whether large or small quantity.

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