Clothes Washing Powder

Clothes Washing Powder

Clothes washing powder Bulk: 25kgs 500kgs others:15g 30g 45g 50g 80g 110g 125g 250g 500g 1kgs 3kgs and so on as customer’s request.
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Clothes washing powder

High active good quality dress washing powder with good washing effect,remove tough dirty,fresh smell,and protect color


1)for contuining high-effective surfactants,detergent builders and active bioorical subastance enzyme

2)this product can easily remove the stubborn stains such as oil,milk,wrine and grave etc

3)super detergency,asy to wash

4)Biological technique formulation removing varies of stubborn stains

5)concertrated powder formulation little dosage

6)water-saving formulation ,easy to rinse

7)specification:350g 500g 700g 1kg 2kg 3kg 5kg

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