Security Control High Speed Barrier Gate

Model No: SZAT-T03 Security control high speed barrier gate Material:304 drawing stainless steel Product size:1400*180*1000mm Channel width:≤600mm
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Security control high speed barrier gate

Model No: SZAT-T03


 The speed gate is part of the entrance control system, which is one of the important parts of the modern entrance and exit control. The door wing is driven by the control system, automatically opens and closes, and the operation mode can be programmed by setting up. As long as the entrant is authorized, the door opens automatically. After the delay is closed, the time delay can be adjusted.


Technical parameter:


304 drawing stainless steel

Cover thickness:


Cabinet thickness:


External Dimension:


Arm length


Channel width:


Gate opening and closing time:


Main Functions and Characteristics of Speedway Gate

1. The quick-opening door adopts non-destructive mechanical structure design, fully automatic machine core, modular and intelligent design. Speedway door has the functions of automatic power-on closing, automatic power-off opening and self-inspection; (Controlled remote closing or ticket card control) Core locking mechanism adopts solenoid valve clutch brake, which has the function of cushioning. After impact, the brake rod advances at a certain angle. Under the function of encoder, Speedway door can accurately find zero position, that is, the function of anti-collision reset, which is often said, will not cause damage to the core. Damage. We can experience the agility of express doors in high-speed railway stations, which are generally used in office buildings, sprinklers, high-speed railway stations, airports and so on.

2. Speed-through way: Speed-through way is fast and sensitive, which is twice as fast as ordinary swing-on. The mode of access is two-way controlled, read cards in and out, or read cards in and out to feel free. Some environments do not require users to show valid certificates when they go out. Free mode can also be set up. When people are sensed to pass, it opens automatically, and people can pass freely.

3. Anti-collision function of illegal intrusion: There are many effective identification devices for anti-collision of speedway door. Each anti-collision can accurately record where you are in the gate and judge any invalid intruder. When someone shows unauthorized or even fake documents, the speedway gate can detect the location of the person's locks and give an alarm to the illegal intruder.

4. Others try to follow. When the gate is still open and not closed, and they try to break in, the swing arm of the speedway door will stop in the half-open state. Whether it is invalid documents or trailing, our brakes will have sound and light alarms to alert users and security personnel. Someone illegally crashes the brake, and the brake locks automatically, even if the foot kicks the swing arm, which causes the swing arm to deviate from zero position (middle position), eliminates the external force, the brake is automatically reset, and the quick-opening door alarms prompt users and security personnel automatically.

5. Speedway door memory function: several valid cards can be read in a short time, and the channel remains open until a corresponding number of people pass, then it will be closed. Of course, the user's traffic status must be consistent with the direction of reading the card and swing arm opening, otherwise the alarm status will be triggered. Another kind of fast passage means that when the blade is closed, once the effective reading card is sensed, it stops closing, opens quickly and allows passage. Next user does not have to wait for the front user to fully pass, the channel closes before reading the card, which greatly improves the passage rate of the channel, the fastest through 35-45 people per minute.

Model No.


Power voltage

AC220V±10% 50HZ

Drive voltage

DC24V 20W

Operation condition


Relative humidity

<95% None-condensation

Input signal

12v DC level or 12v pulse>100ms

Working current


Length of swing arm


Open angle


Pass speed

Less than 40 person/minutes


Frame or 304 stainless steel cover

Open direction

Single and double(optional)

Install place

Outdoor and indoor

IP degree


Width of passage


Opening or close time


Time required to enter the state after power supply

3 seconds

Automatic reset time after failure

10 seconds

Commnication interface

RS485 standard electric appliance,communication distance1200mts (access control)

Swing arm drive angle


Product size


Gross weight