QR Code Security Control Flap Barrier Gate

QR code security control triangle inclined flap single core barrier gate Model No: SZAT-Y2008 Power voltage:AC220V±10% 50HZ Input signal:12v DC level or 12v pulse>100ms Length of arm:260mm Structure :Frame or 304 stainless steel cover Width of passage:≤600mm Product size:1200(L)*300(W)*980(H)mm
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Product Details

QR code security control triangle inclined flap single core barrier gate

Model No: SZAT-Y2008



Technical parameter:


304 drawing stainless steel

Cover thickness:


Cabinet thickness:


External Dimension:


Channel width:



Functions and characteristics

It has the function of fault self-checking and logic judgment, which is convenient for user maintenance and function debugging.

There are dozens of kinds of flexible dialing equipment.

Mechanical and infrared dual anti-clip function, when the blocking arm is blocked in the process of resetting, it automatically stops or rebounds, and gives an alarm signal at the same time.

Multi-mode alarm functions, including illegal intrusion, anti-intrusion, follow-up, traffic overtime alarm, etc.

The anti-scour function can automatically lock the arm when the signal of opening is not received.

Reverse intrusion closing alarm function, when the card is swiped forward, someone first intrudes from the reverse, then the blocking wing closes quickly and gives an alarm at the same time;

Flexible traffic indication function, high brightness indicator lamp and its humanized prompting function make the channel more characteristic.

Regular opening and closing mode can be adjusted, easily controlled by dialing or external manual button.

Automatic detection and reset function, after opening the switch, the system will automatically cancel the permission of this passage when the object is not detected in the specified time (adjustable).

The power is automatically turned on regularly to meet the requirements of fire protection.

It can be connected with a variety of control devices to receive relay switching signals.

There are various modes of traffic, such as one-way or two-way access control, or one-way controlled, reverse free access.

Strong ability to adapt to the environment, can work normally in various harsh environments, super self-protection ability, can adapt to weak short circuit, strong light, fog, rain and snow, typhoon weather and environmental changes.

Installation Method Editor

1. Flap gate determination scheme. When communicating with customers, determine the plan, site width and length, and make sure that several machines can be installed, whether vertical wing brake or bridge wing brake, vertical wing brake shape size: 420x330x980 (mm), Bridge Wing brake shape size: 1200x280x1000 (mm), wing brake rod to airbox size 510mm, that is, vertical wing brake area: 420x (330 + 510), Bridge Wing brake area 1200X (280 + 510), in the case of aircraft. When determining the type selection, full consideration should be given to the clearance between the gate and the brake rod, the area occupied by each wing brake, the location of each wing brake, how to wiring (light line or dark line), the scheme, the goal, and waiting for the wing brake to arrive at the scene.

2. Location wiring. According to the previously determined scheme, the specific size of the wing brake is specified, and the embedded pipe is well made. The gap between the gate and the gate is 50-100 mm. The upper cover can be opened to prevent the adjustment of the machine, maintenance, etc. There must be no gap between the gate and the gate. Two plastic pipes of 6-8 minutes are embedded between the gate and the gate. One rubber pipe runs on the power supply line (strong electricity) and the other rubber pipe runs on the signal line (weak electricity), so the power supply line cannot be replaced. Walk a rubber hose with the signal line at the same time, which will affect the effect of communication. The embedded pipe should be 30-40 mm high, the vertical wing brake should be in the bottom of the middle of the machine, and the Bridge Wing brake should be on both sides (because the middle bottom of the Bridge Wing brake is closed).

3. Fixed adjustment. Fixed bottom with 4-M10x100 expansion screw, can not sway, the whole plane level, the overall appearance is the same. (Before fixing, it is best to use thin lines to draw straight lines, vertical and horizontal alignment). Wing brake and wing brake are connected in series and adjusted one by one. The straight line can be used normally.

Model No.


Power voltage

AC220V±10% 50HZ

Drive voltage

DC24V 20W

Operation condition


Relative humidity

<95% None-condensation

Input signal

12v DC level or 12v pulse>100ms

Working current


Length of flap arm


Communication port


Pass speed

Less than 30 person/minutes


Frame or 304 stainless steel cover

Open direction

Single and double(optional)

Install place

Outdoor and indoor

IP degree


Width of passage


Opening or close time


Time required to enter the state after power supply

3 seconds

Automatic reset time after failure

10 seconds

Product size


Gross weight